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  • My occupation is Driving a panzer
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  • BrooklynGuido42

    Mine has to be Liberty Rock radio

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  • BrooklynGuido42

    please say R* Wont do this i mean i LOVE GTA but this is just a little to far

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  • BrooklynGuido42

    Ive out around 15 hours into gta iv and are loveing it howver it aint perfect heres what could have been done better

    Stunt jumps not required for 100% instead The Taxi mission should have been or you just have to make it a certian distance not land at a certian point

    Cover system could have been improved like GOW

    Cops arresting over bumping their car.Srrsly?

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  • BrooklynGuido42


    September 14, 2012 by BrooklynGuido42

    Once i played GTA IV i cant go back to playing the earlier ones.I think the reasons are that GTA IV is much more adult and "real" rather then Childish and corny srry if this angers anyone this is just my Option.Anyone else Experinece this?

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  • BrooklynGuido42

    Okay since GTAV is gonna be in san andreas(yes!) i will make a weapon wishlist Only



    Sawn off

    Pump action

    Lever action(Faster then pump action but slower then sei automatic

    semi auto(Based off Stryker)

    Full auto(based off USAS-12)




    Full auto

    Sniper rifle

    M21semi auto

    Barret M95 .50 bolt action(u have to zoom out th fire again)

    Submachine guns





    Grenade launcher

    Rocket launcher

    Flamethrower Minigun

    Blunt melee

    Hammer(Low damage short range fast speed)

    Nightstick(Medium damage medium speed medium range)

    Baseball bat(Long range high damage slow speed)

    Crowbar(Can be used to break into buildings after hours to steal)


    knige(Short range Fast speed low damage)

    Machete(Medium damage medium speed medium r…

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