Okay since GTAV is gonna be in san andreas(yes!) i will make a weapon wishlist Only



Sawn off

Pump action

Lever action(Faster then pump action but slower then sei automatic

semi auto(Based off Stryker)

Full auto(based off USAS-12)




Full auto

Sniper rifle

M21semi auto

Barret M95 .50 bolt action(u have to zoom out th fire again)

Submachine guns





Grenade launcher

Rocket launcher

Flamethrower Minigun

Blunt melee

Hammer(Low damage short range fast speed)

Nightstick(Medium damage medium speed medium range)

Baseball bat(Long range high damage slow speed)

Crowbar(Can be used to break into buildings after hours to steal)


knige(Short range Fast speed low damage)

Machete(Medium damage medium speed medium range)

Katana(High damage Long range slow speed)

Syringe(can be used to heal self)




tear gas

satchel charge

Assualt rifles



F2000 Unusable weapons

Police batons(Found on Cops)

Fire Axs(Found on Firefighters)


Fire Extinguisher



When hit with a blunt weapon there will be a large wound on them that slowly leaks blood

When stabed there will be scars and blood looking out

Can grapple onto cars when youre behind them

Meatier headshots like Manhunt 2

If you hit someone with a blunt weapon they are stunned for a bit (depends on the weapon the bigger the longer

Stealth elements like San andreas Like Stealth kills(if you attach from behind you break their neck)

Unque finishing moves for each weapons(depends on where you hit them so if you finsih some off by hitting them in the with a katana their aarm is sliced off head teir head is severed ie)

Stragtic damage ie if you hit someone in the arm their am is messed up if you shoot them in the leg they slow down

Blocking system like press R trigger to block but can only be used like once every 5 seconds

can bribe police to get out of trouble(up to 3 stars only)ur level will be restored

If theres multiple citys when you have a 3 star or less wanted level when you go into another city the cops wont be on to u hoever if you commit a crime in that city

Boat races along with regualr ones

return of Schools

Gang wars

Gang hideouts

GTAIV phsyics

Drug dealing and drug delivery Vehcile Side missions

Paramedic unchaned from GTA III Era

Reward Dont lose guns when wasted

Firefighter unchanged from GTA III Era

Reward fireproof

Trash dash

Unlimted Sprint

Unchanged from GTALCS

Vigilante unchanged From GTA III

Reward Dont lose money or guns when busted

Pizza boy unchanged from GTA III Era

Reward 50% more health

Taxi cab Unchanged from GTA III Era

Reward cars are 50% faster


Can get in bar fights with people





When chasing someone you can jump on them

Most stores arnt Open 24 hours like maybe most stores are open 7am-11pm Expect for fastfood places

Can break into Stores after dark to steal

Chinese Tirads

Have more then china town like Maybe little Toyko or Koreatown

Return of Planes and tanks

Sky car

Each Resturent has a food trucj and vendor based on it like a Burger Shot food truck or a Clucklin Bell Vendor

more Food places like a chinese place or a Mexixcan place


Keep the Hooker system from GTAIV

Male hookers would be cool

Destruction derby side mission

dark atomsphere Not like GTAIV But more lke TBOGT kinda dark kinda of wild but not like Saints row 3

Can use drugs

Herion lets you run 50% faster and jumo 50% higher but blocks out corner of screen and blurs it up

Beer Like GTAIV

Can coustomize your car with decals and emblems

Keep the crude humor thats one of my favorite things about GTA

2 player CO-OP for missions

A rock and roll station(also plays heavy metal and hard rock)

Country station

A talk station

Can own Dogs that help in combat

Have some country side like Mountains and Deserts

Dont Glamorize crime like in the GTA III Era that was fun for the time but i liked gta iv's potrayal of it