In this blog,we're gonna compare two cars that is opposite with each other.The cars are ZR-350 and Sultan.More stuff will be coming soon.

Pros and cons of both cars:

ZR-350 Pros:

1.The car has a 3.5L engine which gives it a good top speed and acceleration

2.The car had a very nice design,also with the pop up headlights,it looks kinda cool

3.The build quality on the ZR-350 is very good,it won't get damaged easily especially on low speed collisions.

ZR-350 Cons

1.The car only had 2 seats.That means you can't carry all your gang members.But on the bright side,you can bring your girlfriend on a drive with the car.

2.The handling is crap.If you try to turn around bend in high speed,you may drift out of control

Sultan Pros:

1.The car has 4 seats,that means you can carry your gang members.

2.The V8 engine is small but very powerful and also has AWD(All wheel drive)which gives it good top speed and acceleration

3.The handling is more better on the Sultan.So the easily car can turn around bends in high speed without losing control.

Sultan Cons:

1.The build quality is bulls***.The car wil get deformed easily on low speed collisions All test will be coming soon so please subscribe to this channel for the tests between ZR-350 vs Sultan:

More stuff coming soon! :)