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    November 25, 2010 by CLASSIC SMOKE

    GTA sucks. Every game is the same. I remember 3 when it came out in 01. That game was awsome. Then in 02 they released Vice City, now that game fucking ROCKED. After that GTA dropped off, all of the games were the same. The only differance was more weapoens, more missions, more cars, but every thing else stayed the same. Now San An Dreas was flat out stupid. Running around as a black dude was not cool. Great soundtrack, dum game. Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories were okay I guess in there own way. GTA 4 has to be the worest game made yet. Every thing about that game was horiable. Even the soundtrack sucked. Aagin running around as a russian or bulgeran, in 4 was fucking stupid. I dont know what the hell he was. I dont see GTA bei…

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