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My Wishlist for GTA 5

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I don't know if anybody agree, but here is my Wishlist for GTA 5:


  • More supercars;
  • Racing cars;
  • Maybe dragsters;
  • More off-road cars;
  • Return of Andromada;
  • Big rigs.


  • It would be cool if you can blow up the car's engine;
  • Brake the car axles;
  • Realistic handling;
  • Realistic damage;
  • Cars get dirty and old.


  • Ability to customize weapons;
  • Heat-seeking Rocket Launcher;
  • Minigun;
  • Flamethrower;
  • Carbine Rifle;
  • AK-47.


  • More realistic graphics;
  • Gang wars;
  • Very big city and countryside;
  • Easter Eggs and Myths, just like in GTA San Andreas;
  • Off-road spots;
  • Ability to swim and dive;
  • Lose health in car crashes may be cool (but not in every car crash);
  • Ability to destroy buildings crashing planes into it;
  • Realistic police chases;
  • In the trailer, we all have seen a dog, maybe we can have pets.

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