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  • ChalupaBatman87

    I am proud to be first to report that the GTA V Collector's and Special Edition versions have been officially released by Rockstar. There is also gaurenteed acess to a blimp through pre-ordering. 

    Here are the links (If you don't want to read the links, just look down further): - From the official site. - The post from Rockstar on Facebook. - A site I personally love and I'm going to plug and support in this, as well as the fact it has a post about it.

    If you don't want to go into there here's the lowdown:

    -No matter what kind of copy of GTA V you pre order you get acc…

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  • ChalupaBatman87

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is ChalupaBatman, you may know me from the Elder Scrolls Wiki where my blogs are pretty popular. Now, to make this clear really quickly, this is not my first time on this wiki, it's just that first time I've ever done anything worthwhile. I probably have spent at least 18 or so hours of my life reading on this wiki, I just never really did anything but read. But I decided I'd do a nice little five things that haven't been confirmed or denied by Roclstar I want to see. Now without further adeiu, let's get to it.

    5. Good systematic controls and layout- With this one, it's all about the fact that I've seen some TERRIBLE layouts and formatting in games, also I've seen really bad controls and systems. I just hope that GTA …

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