I am proud to be first to report that the GTA V Collector's and Special Edition versions have been officially released by Rockstar. There is also gaurenteed acess to a blimp through pre-ordering. 

Here are the links (If you don't want to read the links, just look down further): - From the official site. - The post from Rockstar on Facebook. - A site I personally love and I'm going to plug and support in this, as well as the fact it has a post about it.

If you don't want to go into there here's the lowdown:

-No matter what kind of copy of GTA V you pre order you get access to the Atomic Blimp

-With the Special and Collector's editions you have a digital download called stunt plane trials, some additional weapons, bonus outfits, and a special ability boost, along with a blueprint map of all of Bone County and Los Santos that comes IRL instead of by download, and a steelbook case.

-And with the Collector's Edition exclusively, we have custom characters in the online charactr creation, unique vehicles, along with some real life goodies including a Los Santos hat based off of Ryder's from GTA:SA, a deposit bag with the GTA V logo on it, and a key to the deposit bag, along with the forementioned steelbook.

Downloaded Stuff Defintions:

Stunt Plane Trials- Arial challenges in Bone County and Los Santos

Bonus Outfits- Some bonus outfits for Franklin, Trevor, and Michael.

Additional Weapons- An extra hammer, shotgun, and pistol at Ammu Nations.

Special Ability Boost- 25% faster refilling of the special bars in game.

Custom Characters- Classical GTA characters availible in multiplayer.

Unique Vehicles- The return of the Hotknife hot rod and a new CarbonRS sports bike in single player and the Khamelion electric car in multiplayer.

I'm super excited for this, pre ordered the Collector's first thing this morning! Tell me what you guys think! Thanks everyone!

ChalupaBatman87 (talk) 13:20, May 23, 2013 (UTC)