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Who I Am, Nice to Meet You, A Few Things I Want in GTA V.

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Hello Everyone!

My name is ChalupaBatman, you may know me from the Elder Scrolls Wiki where my blogs are pretty popular. Now, to make this clear really quickly, this is not my first time on this wiki, it's just that first time I've ever done anything worthwhile. I probably have spent at least 18 or so hours of my life reading on this wiki, I just never really did anything but read. But I decided I'd do a nice little five things that haven't been confirmed or denied by Roclstar I want to see. Now without further adeiu, let's get to it.

5. Good systematic controls and layout- With this one, it's all about the fact that I've seen some TERRIBLE layouts and formatting in games, also I've seen really bad controls and systems. I just hope that GTA V's team understands that one large, but bad system can ruin the game for some people, and will make the systems as fun as possible.

4. Nightclubs- I must say, hanging around nightclubs in GTA TBoGT was REALLY fun. I don't even know why, but it was. Either way I want to see some really cool things with nightclubs, more than they already had.

3. A good soundtrack- Now, for some of you this may not apply. Maybe you don't like music, or you just turn it off, but not me. I've loved music since I was only 4 or 5 years old, and so I love a great soundtrack. By the music that's been in the trailers so far, I think they've got it down.

2. GROVE STREET BITCH!- Oh my God, you have no idea how excited I was when I saw green was a recurring color in Franklin's new trailer! I saw all that green and I started talking like I was an excited man with a small vocabulary and a speech impediment. I started sayin, " AW SHYIT! THIS SHIT IS FO REAL BIYITCH! IT'S FUCKIN GROVE STREET!" I was way too excited.

And now, you may be wondering what the hell could be more awesome than Grove Street? And I'll tell you. Some of you may be familiar with this system, and I personally thought it was one of the most fun things ever in the GTA series. And here it is #1 of this wishlist is.....

1. The Drug System!- In GTA Chinatown Wars there was this system for extra money where you could strategically buy and sell drugs. Now, some of you may think this is pretty stupid for a number 1, but this was REALLY fun! With Trevor's drug involvement it would be perfect. The whole minigame was investing really. You bought drugs, looked at the prices, found the places with the cheapest of one type of drug, and sold them off to make more money. I spent so much time on this, and I earned a ton. It was so fun, and it being like the old version but with the people actually doing things and it being in action would be awesome. Also, every character has a motive to do this. Trevor's already been known to sell and produce drugs, Franklin's also mentioned involvement of "slingin' dope and throwing up gang signs", and finally Michael's in the middle of a mid life crisis and so he's going to want some excitement and thrill out of it. You see, it works whichever character you're playing as. Also it's an amazing and fun system. I really want to see it return.

So, that's my wishlist. Tell me what you think. I'll try and reply to every other opinion.

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