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    Meridia Chatelaine

    June 26, 2017 by Chronias

    |dob = 1989 |pob = Liberty City |nationality = American |home = Invention Court,
    Vespucci Canals, Los Santos |affiliations = ,
    |vehicles = Weeny Issi |businesses = Cool Beans,
    Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter |lifeinvader = Meridia Chatelaine


    Meridia Chatelaine is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, possibly appearing as a less then consequential character in Grand Theft Auto V, expanded on as an original character of fan fiction.

    She is an Art graduade of ULSA living in Los Santos and working at Kortz Center. A blogger of filtered smartphone-photos and amateur theses of sociocultural anthropolgy.

    Meridia was born and has lived in Liberty City up to her shool years when her family relocate…

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