"The only thing you cannot get ripped off of is the infrastructure of your cognition - consequently the only thing truly worthy of investing. "
― Meridia Chatelaine

Meridia Chatelaine is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, possibly appearing as a less than consequential character in HD Universe, expanded on as an original character of fan fiction.

She is an Art graduade of ULSA and Vespucci University living in Los Santos and working at the Kortz Foundation as media producer. Noted as a performing fine aritst for "breaking limits of the norms of conduct" /Liberty Tree/ with inferquent happening. She is more prolific as an amateur anthropologist who self-publishes offbeat theses and Snapmatic photos of sociocultural phenomena.



Meridia was born in 1989 in Liberty City. Her surname "Chatelaine" was acually misspelled in her birth record with the addition of an "e" to the end of his father's surname "Chatelain". Her father, coming himself of a French-Canadian lineage, noted jokingly to her mother, who was still learning French at the time that "at least it is correct in the sense of grammatical gender". In 1996 her family relocated to Los Santos where her father, Reymond Chatelain, as an attorney took high-profile company cases, like the sale of Richards Majestic Productions to Devin Weston Holdings. Her mother, Seraphina Klug, being a Liberty City highbrow – coming from a line of varied European academic- and another of court banker jews – felt "clogged" in San Andreas soon after she became fluent in French – which she claimed "was the main reason" she "married a man with French-Canadian background for, because" she "thought that actual French men are dirty". She tried working for local press, but went writing puplications only online, like to By 2002 Meridia's parents filed divorce and Seraphina moved back to Libery City, taking her daughter with herself, so that she may "give her suitable culture". They lived in a brownstone townhouse in Rotterdam Hill, Broker as her mother retured to writing liberal articles for "esteemed periodicals". Meridia was attending Equitable Culture, a private school in South Bohan which her mother chose, but her father paid for. In hindsight Merdia was glad not having attended high school in Los Santos, as she shared her mother's point of view on Los Santos' allegedly superficial values, like she could never understood how people of especially her age, especially on the West Coast, could strive to be a "copy" if they are born original...

In 2006, on her way to Equitable Culture school Meridia was found transporting several canisters of whipped cream and glasses of "model cement" claiming to be used for an art project. She was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance: Butanone. She was 17 years old at the time. She insisted to call her lawyer. She called her father who in turn consulted with a local friend of his to aid Meridia. The criminal charge was dropped as she defended calling out against LCPD, filing suit for Police Misconduct: Illegal search and Falsification of evidence – eventually winning the case. The lawsuit garnered some press and media attention, especially with her mother fanning the flames in journalist circles.

Meridia was later enrolled to Vespucci University in 2007 – once again with the commendations of her mother and with the financial support of his father – as an Art History and Visual Arts major and Sociocultural Anthopology minor where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. She sometimes stayed at – out of convenience – at another family brownstone at Middle Park West, Algonquin, were her maternal grandparents, applied linguist Konrad Klug and textile artist Sarah Gorcz, maintained a "live-in studio".

Events of GTA IV

During the autumn semester of 2008 Meridia as a sophomore at Vespucci University Shool of the Arts decided to make a performance art project and went to Randolf Art Center in Algonquin along with a number of classmates whom she instructed to film her as she repeatedly will try and deliberately fail to enter the building - usually hitting the wall (or the door) at waious points around the structure. Bystanders – allegedly visitors – reported the "disturbing" activity to the authorities and police arrived shortly to the scene, resulting bringing her in on charge of Aggraveted Public Indecency. The charge was dropped again after she called for her lawyer. As per a deal with the sate she was merely reprimanded for Disorderly Conduct.

Events between GTA IV and relative to GTA Online

It might have seemed that Meridia had an easy road ahead as she did accept her father's call to pay her way through college earlier, but she was actually pressed into starting her graduate programme with scholarship because despite their relation to the Rosenwappen family (which conspiratory theorists oftem claim to be secretly owning western-world govermnents due to its alleged influence on global finance), her mother's line was quite frugal. Actually they did not like the fact that Meridia chose a graduate college of her own volition and has detracted from an academic path they would have been more glad to see her pursuing so they eliminated the lines of direct support but helped her to procure a grant for graduate internship by the Kortz Foundation begininng from the autumn of 2010.

In accordance with her scholarship curriculum Meridia moved to Los Santos once again. She had less than favorable relations with her father's new family. She felt treated as some second-rate guest whose presence they needed to endure. Although the family lived in the vicinity of the ULSA campus Meridia spent her stipend to rent an appartment she still lives in. During the following years, though, she started to foster a greater understanding with her father's wife and daughter, and slowly learned to be fond of them. Her mother belivies she "will move back again to Liberty City, once" she "will grow mature enough to know better".
She earned Master of Arts degree from the graduate program of Design Media Arts Department of the School of the Arts and Architecture at the University of San Andreas, Los Santos in the academic year 2012.

Events relative to GTA Online

Two colleagues of Reymond Chatelaine at Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter, Gavin Van Der Loop and Josh Sherman involved in the Maxim Rashkovsky case were shot by snipers at the Los Santos City Hall. He technically was only handling matters of sale and purchase of the pharmacutical company that maintained the Humane Labs and Research facilies - and not being involved directly in testifying against the fprmer owner company co-owner actually saved his life. He did not told anything abouth his part in the story to Meridia, but the way he obfuscated the matter, she suspected him being involved with government affairs - much to her concern.

Events of GTA V

Meridia is curretly working as media producer within the division of Education, Public Programs, and Interpretive Media of the Kortz Foundation. She has a fair number of hipster friends and is a frequent attendant of Cool Beans and also Little Tea Pot. Her boyfriend, while virtually being from that particular circle is working as a resident front-end developer at the Lifeinvader Office in Rockford Hills. Her BFF is an aspiring textile artist who lives in Mirror Park and is a driven member of the Knitting Circle.

Meridia followed up with her "old" performace art act and went on to repeatedly attempting to enter the Kortz Center and deliberately failing at it while uasally hitting the wall. This time – being an employee of the Kortz Foundation herself, and for the record, her father being an even more connected lawyer and also one in town – she garnered no police attention, much in contrast with public audience. This time she used even more cameras. She released edited versions of the performance on Lifeinvader and Bleeter receiving critical accaim implying or utright stating they "would knock" her "up" either "in place of an art center", at their "private gallery" or even "anywhere".

Through his father, who occasionally worked for the billionaire Devin Weston, she was offered the opportunity of cooperation in making a movie with the Vinewood producer Solomon Richards. He later confessed that with his help Weston will attempt to shut down the production of the movie eventually so that he can claim an insurance pay out since the studio is estimated to achieve its probable peak value. Disentheartened with the eventual turn of events Meridia realized that much of her would-be invested work would have been in vain and promptly finished the project, telling his father to possibly do the same. They did not even speak until Weston's personal legal assistant got fatally wound up in the upcoming events on her trip to Liberty City. Once again Meridia reailzed that lawyers in Los Santos have quite the high rate of mortality and decided to visit her father more often. As she did so, he told her that if he gets a case he is "not simply positioning" himself "onto the winning side, but also onto the back side of the 'stage'".


Meridia albeit claims to have first-hand experience with meager existence and being schooled by liberal values she actually was given expensive comfort to do so all along the way. Also since she was mostly raised in the "excessively cultured" society of Algonquin academia she still sees Los Santos, especially Vinewood as pretentious, superficial, artifical, and shallow. This and a number of similar ideas made peopple assume that she might be aligned with hipsters.
Meridia is a fake hipster however in that she might as well be one, but she only marginally associates with "hispterdom" – mostly out of "academic (sociocultural anthropology) interest". Unlike many hipsters, she is an intellectual with actual certificates to her name.

According to her "hipsterdom is what the Y and Z Generation got as a substitute take on counterculture", and that it is "a vacuous hoard of faux intellectuals more interested in measuring the vertical drop on their v-neck than taking part in something real". As most hipsters would state outright they are not one, going as fas as sayin they actually hate hipsters, in Meridia opinion it is "the first counterculture that purposefully does not self-identify" and "is just the end product of all previous countercultures meshing into one. Everything that’s ever been cool over the past five decades is being rounded up, printed on t-shirts, up-cycled, also in music, bleeted and posted on Lifeinvader and throttled to a very uncool death."
Dispite such harsh opinions Meridia is quite fond of accessories and clothes printed with Abstract Literalist motives, like Adam Biggs' artworks of circles. To further understate her hipster seeming she is often listening Radio Mirror Park and is also regular customer of Cool Beans.
On the contrary however, she sees knitting circles and yarn-spinners and adopters of exaggerated facial hair as being peculiar, also despite being an aspect of 'vintage' she loathes taxidermy.

She is generally acutely sensitive to social cues and sentiments that might be described as having a great level of empathy for people. It has not to be confused with sympathy, though. Meridia has the grain of pride one would normally associate with the affuent class. She may carry herslef somewhat aloof, but it's never peaking in self-centered arrogance. She is mindful of her flaws, such as pratctical forgetfulness or the occasional fit of short-temper. Beyond what the casusal observer or "stalker" might dismiss over the seemingly suprficially filtered photos and comments made on a seemingly narrow niche of society Meridia has impressive social acumen and a causic mind – what she often hides behind sass.
Regardless of this however it seemms that either she does not or cares not to realize the sort of sway some of her ascendants allegedly hold over the current peculiar state of the world - or at least being solid nerves in the 'invisible hand', and aspires to pose as a "young urban creative". A slice of Generation Y, borne of sub/urban comfort, indoctrinated with the transcendent power of education, and infected by the conviction that not only do we deserve to pursue our dreams; we should profit from them. Her creed is that "the only thing you cannot get ripped off of is the infrastructure of your cognition – consequently the only thing truly worthy of investing." That's comfortable if you do not have to invest money first on your own just to do that. Supposedly, if people knew her to this extent would 90% sure slapping her in the face – "Take that, snoot!" Indded. The self-centered cynicism, that is her element, can only exist in the absence of hardship. It’s the convenience of being unburdened by conviction; it’s the luxury of getting to pick your battles - from behind an iFruit phone or Lifeinvader efriend tablet. Should she be ashamed of it? Because she isn't. Neither is proud of it, anyway.

Meridia applied for Flag of Canada Canadian citizenship - honoring his fater's French Canadian lineage.


Meridia is seen heading to the Little Tea Pot at Hawick Avenue while switching to Franklin Clinton. She walks by coming from the opposite direction from the protagonist, who briefly turns after her saying: "Damn you fine, baby." She slows her pace, meeting his glance but does't say anything or act on the compliment other than sligtly extending an arm in a playfully lingering manner – supposedly being surpied yet feeling flattered – but soon proceeds to ascend the stairs to the café's elevated terrace, moving off-screen.

Mission Apperarances

Meridia doesn't partake in criminal activity. Not on her own volition anyway...

LCPD Database record

First Name:Meridia
Place of Birth:Broker, Liberty City
  • N/A
Criminal Record:
  • 2008 - Disorderly Conduct
  • Known to be well-connected with lawyers.
  • Art student at Vespucci University.
  • Arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance: Butanone in 2006 (17 years old). Charge was dropped and she sued LCPD for Police Misconduct: Illegal search and Falsification of evidence, winning the case.
  • Reported to police for repeatedly and deliberately hitting the wall near an entrance of Randolf Art Center. Investigation revealed she was fiming herself in the act. She was taken in for Aggraveted Public Indecency but was only reprimanded for Disorerly Conduct.



  • Meridia's favorite radio station is either Non-Stop-Pop FM or Radio Mirror Park - as evidenced by her playlist seen on the radio display in her Issi.
  • She obtained a vanity license plate wich reads "M3RID1A" (which she often uses as a nickname online)
  • She is quite fond of accessories and clothes printed with Abstract Literalist motives, like Adam Biggs' artworks of circles.
  • Meridia has shares in Cool Beans and in Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter - the law frim her father is partner of.
  • Meridia speaks French which is his father's mother language, and her mother learnt too during their five-year marriage. She also took great care to teach her Hungarian and Hebrew. While the languages may seem unrelated, Seraphina always dismissed such comments saying "Learn them by the heart, speak them fluently, and then you 'may' have earned the right to judge that. כל טוב!"