I haven't really played A GTA game, I tried one years ago but disliked it because I couldn't free-aim without fine-aiming first. But it was fun for what it was (no I don't remember which it was) and I got into Saints Row when SR3 was first shown at an E3, so I bought SR1 and SR2 and loved them. I've played Call of Duty games and Halo during my FPS kick. I've played Sleeping Dogs, Prototype, inFamous, Fable, Assassin's Creed, Mafia II, hell I've even played Scarface: The World is Yours. I enjoyed them all, some longer than others (I no longer own CoD, Halo or Sleeping Dogs, and the GTA game was rented).

So this brings me to my point, why must people draw down the enjoyment of a game or series by labeling it a clone or copy of another game. Each game I can point out comparisons to other games or from other media if I wanted to look hard enough to find it. But if I did that, I'd ruin the fun of the game. Yes Saints Row might of never been made if not for GTA III, but GTA III wouldn't of been made without GTA I, which wouldn't of been made if not for a love of top-down racing games. You look back far enough GTA is a clone of something else, look back far enough and CoD is a copy of Halo which is a copy of DOOM. Prototype is a copy of The Incredible Hulk.

Just because a game is made possible because another game was made doesn't make it any less fun, or mean you should point out that fact and try to bring said game down. Yes I'm ranting, because I'm tired of people saying which is the worst clone, or this is a clone and thus isn't good. It isn't true, value of a video game is bias, it is one person's opinion and you have no right to down-grade it by dismissing their opinion by simply saying "Well it is a copy of such-in-such game" because that is the jerkish way to respond, that is the way to respond that keeps people saying gamers are jerks and a-holes. Just take a game and if you don't enjoy it, don't label it a clone or a copy, just point out the real reasons you didn't like it and leave it at that, because if it is a clone you'd still like the gameplay.

Edit: I am not ranting against GTA, I will never rant on a specific game or genre of game. What I am ranting about is a term that some people will always take as a derogitory term. We don't call Halo a DOOM clone, we call it a FPS. There will always be a better term to use to describe a game than a clone of another game. There is a difference between a clone and a game like another. It might not be so to the mind of everyone, but just look to "What is the worst GTA Clone" to see why I keep seeing clone as a derogitory term.