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    This is an, off-topic, personal opinion blog, where I express what I would love to see Rockstar do in the future and my love for Godzilla.

    I want to see someday Rockstar Games make a cool Kaiju game for next gen consoles. The term "Kaiju" is Japanese for "Giant Beast" which is normally associated with giant monster films, Godzilla films, and other films of this type. 

    I am a Godzilla fan and seeing Rockstar make an open-world destruction game starring my favorite lizard would be a dream come true. It should be for Xbox One, Wii U, and Playstation 4. You should be able to play as Godzilla and be allowed all of the USA for you to explore and destroy, kind of like what the racing game, "The Crew" is doing with the whole USA. 

    The more you destroy in…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Video game movies are becoming more frequent now. I heard Assassin's CreedWatch Dogs, and Splinter Cell are getting movies in the works. Heck, Resident Evil has 5 of them, and EVEN NEED FOR SPEED is getting one next year. and I REALLY want Hollywood to get another shot at a Super Mario Bros. movie (we CAN get a Mario movie right. It's only a matter of time). But, could a Grand Theft Auto movie work? I came up with this after seeing ScreenRant's article of actors they would want if one were made. Link is below:


    Would you like a Grand Theft Auto movie made? Who would you want in it? What would the story be? Would you want it rated PG-13 or R? Tell me your opinion here.

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Not just GTA, but games in general.

    It's not just beacuse I don't like M rated games, but the problem is, my parents are strict about what content is on an M-rated game before I can play it (I'm 17 BTW). I can play some M games, but it depends on the content. If it has something like ridiculous gore like Prototype or nudity, forget it. 

    Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto 5 are great examples. I knew GTA V was going to be all that (because every GTA game is) and I knew I won't be able to play it, but Watch Dogs, I was expecting it to be more toned down with no nudity or minor gore. I knew it would be rated M, but when I went on the Watch Dogs website to check the rating, I saw it was rated M partly due to partial nudity. I was disappointed.

    I hope …

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    Ever wished you could play as The Hulk in GTA IV, with all his powers at your disposal? Well, now you can thanks to this mod. It is so cool. You have to get it if you have GTA IV for PC. I love the Hulk and this mod is actually better than some Hulk games.

    I hope this mod inspires Rockstar Games to make a REAL Hulk game. That would be awesome. The video is self-explanatory.

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  • Cloverfield monster

    With GTA V having a giant opening, I have heard, I have been wondering what would they do next for a game. What do you think they should do next after such a big opening from GTA V. They're the king of open world more or less, so there's many possibilites.

    My idea for their next game would be a big open-world Transformers game.


    It would be great. Rockstar knows how to make big destructible open-worlds, and what better way to do that than a Transformers game. They could do some really cool stuff. Being able to turn into a car and drive 60 mph and transform into robot. It'd be fun to destroy cities and beat up other robots that are as big as you. 

    There could also be the destruction of the seperation of single player and online, where you can …

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