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I would love it if Rockstar makes a cool Kaiju game.

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This is an, off-topic, personal opinion blog, where I express what I would love to see Rockstar do in the future and my love for Godzilla.

I want to see someday Rockstar Games make a cool Kaiju game for next gen consoles. The term "Kaiju" is Japanese for "Giant Beast" which is normally associated with giant monster films, Godzilla films, and other films of this type. 

Godzilla '54 design

This giant mound of badass needs a next-gen game.

I am a Godzilla fan and seeing Rockstar make an open-world destruction game starring my favorite lizard would be a dream come true. It should be for Xbox One, Wii U, and Playstation 4. You should be able to play as Godzilla and be allowed all of the USA for you to explore and destroy, kind of like what the racing game, "The Crew" is doing with the whole USA. 

The more you destroy in cities, the more monsters you fight and defeat, the longer you survive against waves of military and the more story missions and challenges you complete, the more XP you would earn, and you could spend on that extra monsters to play as and upgrades to Godzilla's abilities. I would love it. Every city would be here. Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Dallas. But, they would be smaller scale for budget concerns.

Not only that, since everything multiplayer nowadays (in the industry's opinion), there could be a cool open-world mulitplayer where you can go it alone or team up with players to fight other monsters and destroy things. I would buy it definitely. It should be an open-world game mixed with a fighting game.

I think it would also sell because of the rise in popularity of the Kaiju genre recently, with Pacific Rim (a robot vs monster movie), the American Godzilla next year, and a Syfy TV show with a giant monster, I think it would be great for Rockstar to capitalize on that and it'd be a great way for them to branch out.

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