Here’s my idea. Ever felt you just wish you could obliterate the police force with no effort. Well, now you can, with this idea. Mechs(giant robots). They are 16 foot tall robots, one found in each section of the city. With these, you can tear apart buildings for the first time. Here are the 3 types of mechs.

Alpha Mech

This mech is an awesome tool of destruction. This wrecking machine can demolish buildings and obliterate vehicles like a rampaging unstoppable force of nature.


Alpha Mech

Beta Mech

This is the fastest of the mechs. What it lacks in brute strength, it makes up for in agility. It can get in there and kick butt, and make a quick getaway with its jetpack.

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Beta Mech

Gamma mech

Say you wanted a mech with more weapons and firepower. This one gives you that.


Gamma Mech

With these 3 mechs, NOTHING will stand in your way.

So, what do you think?