With GTA V having a giant opening, I have heard, I have been wondering what would they do next for a game. What do you think they should do next after such a big opening from GTA V. They're the king of open world more or less, so there's many possibilites.

My idea for their next game would be a big open-world Transformers game.


It would be great. Rockstar knows how to make big destructible open-worlds, and what better way to do that than a Transformers game. They could do some really cool stuff. Being able to turn into a car and drive 60 mph and transform into robot. It'd be fun to destroy cities and beat up other robots that are as big as you. 

There could also be the destruction of the seperation of single player and online, where you can join the war between Autobots and Decepticons. Would be an Autobot or Decepticon, would you protect the Earth or destroy it (I would be a Decepticon)?

All your favorite Transformers would be avaliable at your disposal with unique vehicle modes. You could fight other players online in city-crushing battles.

And that's what I want out of Rockstar's next game. What would YOU want them to do next?