Making Comic Blogs

Since most wikis are already up to date with information related to Grand Theft Auto along with the Soon to be released Grand Theft Auto 5 which will take place in a city called Los Santos. I will be making made up comics based off the gta games I managed to get (Vice City and GTA4) keep in mind that I am not very good at typing in stories, due to the over usage of punctuations and along with some quotation issues so without Further a do I'm going to make my First GTA comic.

Notice: I can't write a good climax for the final chapter, so I will stop editing the blog or lend ownership to somebody else to finish it.

Blog Comic: Niko Meets a New Gang

Weasel News: Interupting your local program we have reports of gang violence in Downtown, Algonquin. Liberty City Police has issued that bridges connected Algonquin are to be reserved for use by the law enforcement, One police official quoted to our reporters " These guys are insane, I saw an entire Tacitcal unit get viscerated by a Shell from an RPG " Police say that the gang is battle hardened and are seen wielding Automatic Weapons as a officer was shot eighteen time in the chest, The Mayor of Liberty City has issued a statement that they could be Terrorist seeking to Destory our Moral values. This has been Weasel news.

Niko Bellic: Strange, I better call roman and tell him whats going on (dials roman's number) (cell phone buzz)

Roman Bellic: Hello?

Niko Bellic: Roman, where are you?

Roman Bellic: Algonquin? What's the matter cousin.

Niko Bellic: You need to get out of there Now, the police are going to close the bridges down to deal with a major gang in there.

Roman Bellic: What Gang are you talking about Niko, come on you know there scared of the Bellics...(M4 Shot is heard in the Background) Awww shit!!

Niko Bellic: Roman! (M4A1 Barrel is pointed at him, on the side of the road) Who the fuck are you!

???: Get out of the car and get in the truck.

Niko Bellic: what did you do to roman?

???: Niko, Your cousin sustained a shot to the leg we already got a paramedic dealing with the injury as of now I want you to enter the truck so we can take you to him.

Niko Bellic: Why should I trust you to keep that promise, its not like your going to keep it.

???: Niko Bellic, its okay to be discerning about my actions against you and your cousin. The Zodiac will make sure you to meet your end of the bargain but first i need you to do us a favor before i let you four go scot free.

Niko Bellic: What do you mean by four Friend?

???: You thought this was going to be a task for just one guy, allow me to introduce you some friends that you must of met before.

The unknown stranger and Niko Bellic have arrived at the Gang's Compound parking inside a building with a bunch of concrete walls concealing the HQ from the streets, Inside the men wore black kelvar vests and wearing black motorcycle helmets that were used to drive sport bikes like the NRG 900 from there Niko was escourted into the cells of 3 familar faces.

Luis Lopez: Hey man, what the hell is going on here

Niko Bellic: Luis how did you end up here, i thought you were at the clubs trying to stop junkies from setting the Massionete 9 on fire.

Luis Lopez: I was until this chump brought his goons and started killing the staff, I managed to send his welcoming party to the sky till suddenly one of them threw a frag at me and it hurled me into a hot dog stand.

???: Yes, Luis was a pain to capture but sooner or later one of them eventually got him in here with little struggle.

Luis Lopez: I wish i was cancer for you fool!

???: (mutes luis's Prison Cell Megaphone) anyways let's head to the next inmate

Niko Bellic: That's funny i didn't know you were running a army because they look like a biker gang except without those prison tattoos or the obession of alchole.

???: Anyways, here is you're next Buddy he's from the lost biker gang.

Johhny: When i get out of here you'll be the first one to die!!

Niko Bellic: Johhny, i was wondering how you end up here?

Johhny: I killed a gang member and set his van on fire along with his little buddies

???: If we thought Luis was a problem, Johhny was the worst of them all he killed five percent of our men and even attempted to drive a truck full of expolsives into this place.

Niko Bellic: Damn, you must of really pissed him off to go that far to kill you.

???: I believe your right about that, however he failed to kill us all as we are always one step ahead of you typical americans.

Niko Bellic: I'm from Yugoslavia, not america friend.

???: I'm sorry a fuck won't be given to you also I am so glad you turned yourself in peacefully, not a lot of people we have met has resorted to Non-Violence before.

Niko Bellic: So tell me whats your name then?

Observer: They Call me Observer because i observe other people's actions and choices i hope this calms you down as i don't want to start anything with you.

Niko Bellic: Observer i think you already started something with me, my Cousin roman bellic was shot by one of your men why should i help you?

Observer: Shot?, no Mr. Bellic we have your cousin in custody and if anybody other then you and i go near that cell my men will make sure they don't escape out here alive. The reason why you should help us is simple we need you, Luis and Johhny to Require the mayor's manor and by require i mean you three will have to kill the mayor of liberty city.

Niko Bellic: Kill the mayor so you can just take over liberty city?

Luis Lopez: Thats cold man real cold how are we going to even pull that off?

Johhny: Yeah, the mayor is possibly heavily guarded by every tactical unit in the city.

Observer: Rest assure its fifty percent possible to pull it off and if you three do this successfully i will herebye grant your wishes.

Niko Bellic: Fine so where's the mayor at Observer?

Observer: The Mayor of Liberty City will be flown to Los Santos in one week, its crucial that you kill him before he flees otherwise the zodiac gang will be pushed out of liberty city with no hopes of recapturing the town. If you get in trouble then please call me, i will send a death squad to back you three up if you somehow encounter the NOOSE or the FIB while doing your mission.

Niko Bellic: thanks now can we go please.

Observer: Since your so impatient i will let three go, but don't forget that we are still watching you around every single corner and fighting us will be futile.

Chapter 1: Taking Over

Niko Bellic, Luis Lopez and Johhny have been released from imprisonment by the zodiac gang but this mission is not going to be a cakewalk for them as the pressure of the Liberty City police and the United States Army will put their skills to the edge.

Weasel News: To Interupt your local program with a special news annoucement for liberty city, The mayor of liberty city has been asking state congress to send the United States Army to whip out the  Zodiac gang. He Says that Liberty city is too much hardwork and dedication to just be gone to waste by terrorists, demanding that the President must send seven inflantry divisions and two tank divisions  so that Liberty City can reinforce the coastline of Dukes/Broker from the enemy. The President Replied by saying that the mayor can only have three inflantry divisions instead of seven since most of it is being used to fight the war in the middle east, people of liberty city are outraged since that algonquin is the largest island in liberty city and if taken it will Bankrupt one third of the Liberty City's Population causing them to all move out or become terrorist themselves . This has been Weasel News and God bless America.

Niko Bellic: (Drives up to Packie's House and walks up to the house) Packie are you home?

Packie: Niko Pal!, its so nice to you how about you come in for a drink.

Niko Bellic: Yeah about that Packie?

Packie: Whats wrong with you Niko and who the fuck is this!?!

Niko Bellic: That's Luis and we dont got the time for this now, can you join us to stop a gang from taking over the city (gets door shut in face)

Packie: Go away I already lost my brothers and ma doesn't need to loose her only child.

Johnny: That didn't work as planned, you want try somebody else niko.

Niko Bellic: Yes, I think I know someone who will help us I'll be back just got to get a car.(walks away from packie's house and later hijacks a car for the three to drive in) Brucie may got some spare cars to share with us, so getting him to help us will make this task a lot easier on us.

(Calls Brucie Kibbituz) (Cell phone buzzing)

Brucie: Yo, niko hows it hanging there man

Niko Bellic: Listen Brucie we need a little favor from you, we're going to kill the mayor of liberty in one week. The problem is that we don't got anything to take on a NOOSE tank, can you make something to deal with that problem?

Brucie: NOOSE tank that's so alpha male gear man, Its possible to make a better one but I need some parts to make that happen.

Luis Lopez: Hey Brucie remember that time were you punched that orange midget in the face.

Brucie: Louie that was an accident I just left myself go on too far and bam nosebleed on aisle 3 man, but enough of that already I need these specific parts to be donated to me so I can get your war vehicle up and ready for kicking ass.

(Text Message received from Brucie)

Here's what I need for the beast machine

  • A sawed off barrel about (50milimeters long and 25 millimeters wide)
  • 100 Frag rounds
  • Metal plating from a patriot
  • rails from the burgers shot restaurants
  • Turbo boost

Johnny: One hundred frag rounds how are we going to find that kind of ammo?

Luis Lopez: (shows thirty Frag rounds) It was all i got before they took my gun away back at the compound

Niko Bellic: Really, i better give that Observer a call to see if he can spare some more Frag rounds.

(calls Observer) (Cell phone Buzzing)

Observer: Hello, who is this calling?

Niko Bellic: Observer, its me niko

Observer: Niko? what do you want, have you killed the mayor yet

Niko Bellic: No, we need some parts to build a makeshift tank can you spare any

Observer: Yes, but this is for only killing the mayor anything else and i will hang up

Niko Bellic: Thanks

Observer: goodbye (hangs up phone)

Johnny: What a deadbeat to suspect us to kill the mayor in one day when he already said it will be done within a week.

Luis Lopez: It could be worse then that,  if they can try to send a new group of thugs to do it for him.

Niko Bellic: well we're getting this done and once we get it done, that man will pay dearly for his genocide to liberty city.

( Multiple Police sirens heard accross the road )

Police Megaphone: This is the LCPD we got you surrounded, Don't even try us we've been granted the right to use Force so please park your car and get out.

LCPD Officer: You Just got-...(Gets shot in the head)

Niko Bellic: Busted, i think you got busted friend?

Luis Lopez: What the hell is going on here, i thought they couldn't get into dukes/broker without the army spotting them.

Zodiac Gang Megaphone: Stop what you are doing or die!

(Zodiac gang members enter in carrying automatic weapons and shotguns, storming at the LCPD like as if it was a stampede)

LCPD Officer 2:  (Calls Dispatch) We got a man down at the docks on Dukes/Broker, Requesting back up here.

Dispatch: We're sorry our officers are busy filing paper work, call back later (hangs up)

LCPD Officer 1: (calls again) Dispatch i need reinforcements now, the zodiac gang is attacking the coastline of Dukes/Broker please for the love of god send backup.

Dispatch: Sir, please stop making prank calls this phone number is for emergencies only call back when your actually a cop and not some hipster (Hangs up)

LCPD Officer 1: Fuck this i'm out of here (runs away from battle)

LCPD Officer 2: Agh...i been shot..Call Dispatch (gets shot again)

Zodiac Trooper: Sector clear over

Zodiac Trooper 2: Securing weapons, bring it back to command for mass production over

Zodiac Trooper 3: Copy that, Bringing materials to subject Niko over.

Niko Bellic: Very Impressive who sent you here anyway?

Zodiac Trooper 1: The Observer called us in when you obtained a wanted level for grand theft auto and killing a few pedestrians with the car.

Niko Bellic: What pedstrians...oh those pedstrians well that was Johnny's fault.

Johnny: **** you Niko!!

Luis Lopez: Calm down Johnny and Niko what's your deal here saying that to johnny.

Niko Bellic: Oh, i'm sorry that i expressed my opinion since he almost drove us into a gas tank on the way here.

Luis Lopez: Your opinion is invaild Niko

Niko Bellic: Can we just get out of here, we'll have this discussed later.

(the three enter a SUV and drove near to bohan)

Johnny: What's the army doing here in liberty city anyways

Luis Lopez: Beats me, the mayor has to got to be insane for having all these guys at bohan.

Niko Bellic: Wrong place at the wrong time so I guess we're going to be leaving from here.

Military Personal: Sir, you must pay the toll before leaving the DMZ

Niko Bellic: A toll, sorry about that here's the money now let us go.

Military Personal: Funds accepted and Root us in Algonquin, the men need all the help they can get hoo-haw.

(Drives away from bohan a dollar less in the pocket)

Johnny: a dmz what's that suppose to mean?

Niko Bellic: it means Demilitarlized Zone as in that bohan can't be used by the army nor fighting in a DMZ is not allowed.

Luis Lopez: How do you even know this stuff Niko?

Niko Bellic: Because I was in the war back then also Luis that DMZ you saw was a complete hoax.

Luis Lopez: A Hoax?

Niko Bellic: Yes it's a Hoax can you not see the dead bodies piling up on jackhammer street, those were U.S Army Men that where trying to hold off the advance at firefly street and DMZs don't engage in military conflict.

Johnny: Damn, so all this time they been using us to just kill our own.

Niko Bellic: (Calls Brucie Kibbituz) (Cell Phone buzzing)

Brucie: (answers phone) Niko man I got that little tank fired up and ready to kick some major ass, just bring me the spark plug out of your ride and it will be ready for war Stay alpha man.

(hangs up)

The trio later drove up to Brucie's autoparts and parked the car next to the street to put in the final piece of the puzzle into Brucie's creation.

Brucie: ( high fives niko and grabs the spark plug in excitement) this is it man we're going to be the most genetically different men in all of liberty city so stay back man and watch my masterpiece come to life.

The vehicle was pieced together with a rancher truck and a securicar in one, the black matte paint job gived the abomination a sense of terror and the 50mm smoothbore cannon with a .30caliber Machinegun mounted in the passager's seat also it's longer then the Noose's 10mm cannon making it a force to be reckoned with no matter what the odds are up against them. Brucie gives them the keys to the "Yeti" for them to operate at the final battle.

Johnny: Holy shit, were did you find the time to make that thing Brucie.

Brucie: I got some help from Niko's buddies and I used nothing but a welding torch and my guns (referring to his muscles) so Brucie can do anything.

Packie: Hey Niko, me and Brucie pal here have been slaving over the sparks to make this damn thing and let me tell ya something man this thing almost broke my ******* back when I tried to fire the main cannon.

Luis Lopez: Gay tony might like this being parked outside the club, it will teach those fools not to mess with us at club night.

Chapter 2: Raising Hell

The Trio have finally figured out what's going on liberty city, that in bohan the fake DMZ could possibly mean that the zodiac gang wants all of liberty city or something more sinister to arise later on.

(drives Yeti around Algonquin)

Niko Bellic: The mayor is heavily guarded, Johnny get the thirty cal ready this is going to be a long one.

Johnny: (pulls back the bolt on the Machinegun) she's ready to fire

Niko Bellic: Luis main the cannon I'll attack from the outside of the tank, just don't let them in close.

Luis Lopez: I Got this handled Niko, do what you got to do niko.

The Noose Tanks move in a calm formation waiting for Luis to fire, Niko sneaks accross the street and through an alley way that exposed the rear of the tanks.

Niko Bellic: (crouches close to a noose tank with c4 held firmly in his hands, then placing the c4 near the wheels to prevent them from retreating)

Noose Tank Commander: For the last time aww fuck it Open fire on them now!

Niko Bellic: You made a Big mistake Friend (clutches the clapper and C4 destroys the noose tanks leaving their engine and armor brittle for counter attack)

Luis Lopez: That's our q now let's get these fools and get niko out of there

Johnny: Yeah let's get him out of here and Luis shoot that tank it almost hit my side from there.

Luis Lopez: Alright, I got this one Johnny ( fires a HE Shell)

Johnny: Whoa, that was a great shot for a bouncer that works at gay clubs.

Luis Lopez: Don't start on that now we got to get niko.

Niko Bellic: Where the hell am I (looks at the debrie of concrete) (struggling to get out of the rubble)

Johnny: Stop he's right there Luis, you almost ran him over for a moment (helps niko out of the mess)

Niko Bellic: Get us out of here Luis

Luis Puts the improvised Tank in reverse and does a 180 degree turn then drives forward until suddenly a Noose Enforcer blocks their exit.

Johnny: These people just never learn when to fuck off! (shoots the windshield)

Noose officer: Exit the Vechile now or we'll force you out, do you understand us punk!

Niko Bellic: Understand this friend (throws a Molotov at the Noose Enforcer windshield, engulfing the interior with smoke) Drive Luis Drive already!

Luis Lopez: You don't need to say it twice niko ( Drives forward thus pushing the noose enforcer enough for them to escape)

Noose Officer: ( calls dispatch)The target has escaped I repeat the target escaped.

Dispatch: This is Dispatch, How the hell did they escape there was suppose to be a group down there to handle that problem.

Noose Officer: That group is destroyed by those thugs a moment ago, I request a pick up since they fucked my ride up.

Dispatch: A Noose Enforcer is being sent to your current location please standbye.

Noose Officer: Afferminative dispatch and send a cleaning crew done here as well the road is piled up with debrie.

Dispatch: Copy that a unit will have the place cleaned up as soon as possible.

Chapter 3: Polictical Showdown

The time has come for the trio to take down the mayor of Liberty City, However there are other ways to turn a already complex assassination into an all out war for survival.

Weasel News: Breaking News, an Inflantry fighting group was taken down by three individuals with only a securicar decked out in metal along with boasting a large barrel. The Noose Tactical Squad was completely taken by surprise when one of the individuals planting explosives behind the squad thus crippling the formation of the group, We spoke with the Noose staff sergeant about the Gurrelia attack and he replied by saying "This is a huge embarrassment for a task force to bear with on that day, I'm fucking pissed that we got our asses handed to us against three guys". Currently, the mayor of liberty city has pulled out soldiers from the war zone in bohan since Noose may not be capable of taking on these men that have done nothing but raise hell in liberty city. Mike wisner weasel news.

Niko Bellic: The week is closing in and this is not the time to back out now, that madman still has my cousin in custody.

Luis Lopez: Chill Niko Chill, there is no telling what is going to happen on this week. Niko just remember once we kill the mayor, we'll get your cousin out of there.

Johnny: Yeah, if he thinks about ripping us off will rip his head off.

Meanwhile the mayor liberty city is making a short speech in Algonquin park, but every speech has got to have one omniscient feeling.

Mayor: Citizens of liberty city, it is with great sadness and desperation for as your mayor. I will be flown to Los Santos with the first armored division since our own tactical response unit is not capable of keeping you and I safe from these insane individuals, if you have any questions to ask me then this will be a good time now because I will not set foot in this grand old city until the terrorists have been dealt with.

Zodiac member 1: (on a rooftop accross the park) in position over

Zodiac member 2: Roger, Heading up to the park in six minutes make sure theirs on police at the subway exit over.

Zodiac member 1: (looks through the scope at the subway exit) the exit is not occupied, I say it again the exit is not occupied over.

Zodiac member 2: Roger that Charlie 1