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Cranley V. Murry

Ive neen wondering and it has been bothering me, who will win San Andreases Gubernatorial Election, Sue Murry or Jock Cranley. It really stinks no side mission dealt with this (i.e. the player is contacted by both candidates to rig the election). Maybe they'll have it in a DLC who knows. Here are my predictions.

General Election Results

Jock Cranley will win the election by a significant amount of votes more than Sue Murry. I base this of off the closet thing to polls and that is Lifeinvader followers. Sue Murry is in the 50,000's while Jock Cranley is in the 100,000's. This is despite the fact that San Andreas is based off of California, which by the way is heavily Democratic and has a Democratic Governor currently (Jerry Brown).

What do you think

Who would you vote for if you lived in San Andreas? Let me know in the comments sections and let me know who you think will win and what you think of an election mission.

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