Daniel Williams100000

aka Christov

  • I live in Jakarta
  • I was born on September 1
  • I am Male
  • Daniel Williams100000

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  • Daniel Williams100000

    The drug prices:

    Marijuana and BDZ are cheap.

    Ecstasy and LSD are expensive.

    Heroin and cocaine are very expensive.

    There are 80 drug dealers throughout the whole city. 29 dealers are affiliated with various gangs in the city. They will give special prices for 2 kind of drugs each. Police in the city are trying to raid the deal. So, if the deal was raided, you lose all your drugs you're currently carrying. When you're in the deal, keep riding on Sabre GT, Resolution X, or Comet.

    Dealer icons:

    Syringe icon + red arrow: Selling heroins.

    Razor blade icon + red arrow: Selling cokes.

    Smiling face icon + red arrow: Selling ecstasy.

    Wheel icon + red arrow: Selling acids.

    Weed icon + red arrow: Selling weeds.

    Capsule icon + red arrow: Selling downers.


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  • Daniel Williams100000

    5. Using the cheat 'No Wanted Level' after you've cleared the standard mission will be very useful. You only drug dealing without being hindered by the cops. You can do anything in the city without being hindered by the cops. Being unhindered by them is so fun, because it's your indenpendent to become an ultimate criminal.

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  • Daniel Williams100000

    But he is running through the jet stream and I cannot chase him

    He is running to the residence, he become angry

    And I kill him with sword, he's there, he's there, yes there!


    Wade Heston was a detective from FIB

    He can become my friend, can be my enemy too

    IAD and FIB were very nasty to me

    I conquered the police, I bombed, I have bombed, haven't I?

    Back to Reff then repeat the Reff


    Salt In The Wound, Salt In The Wound

    I want to eat all of the salt

    It is tasty and salty if with the blood, the blood!

    Salt In The Wound, Salt In The Wound

    This was my ultimate gangster life

    Kenny, Chan, Zhou all was killed, who left? It's me, It's me!

    Salt In The Wound

    Sing this song as you sing Monster Galaxy theme song

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