Drug dealing is the most effective way to earn money. Because you can get lots of money and lose a little of money. There are six type of drugs that were traded: heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, and BDZ.

The drug prices:

Marijuana and BDZ are cheap.

Ecstasy and LSD are expensive.

Heroin and cocaine are very expensive.

Warning: CCTV cameras appears in 100 different places. If you are doing a drug deal near a camera, the deal can be raided! You have to destroy them.

There are 80 drug dealers throughout the whole city. 29 dealers are affiliated with various gangs in the city. They will give special prices for 2 kind of drugs each. Police in the city are trying to raid the deal. So, if the deal was raided, you lose all your drugs you're currently carrying. When you're in the deal, keep riding on Sabre GT, Resolution X, or Comet.

Dealer icons:

Syringe icon + red arrow: Selling heroins.

Razor blade icon + red arrow: Selling cokes.

Smiling face icon + red arrow: Selling ecstasy.

Wheel icon + red arrow: Selling acids.

Weed icon + red arrow: Selling weeds.

Capsule icon + red arrow: Selling downers.

Syringe icon + green arrow: Buying heroins.

Razor blade icon + green arrow: Buying cokes.

Smiling face icon + green arrow: Buying ecstasy.

Wheel icon + green arrow: Buying acids.

Weed icon + green arrow: Buying weeds.

Capsule icon + green arrow: Buying downers.

Briefcase icon: Dealer that you've met.

Blue dot: Dealer that you haven't met yet.