Like busted, wasted being a hazard too for yourself. A wrong action for yourself brings you to a dead faint! Here's the way to avoid:

1. If you have an Action Replay, use the cheat 'Infinite Health' and 'Infinite Armor'. You won't be wasted then.

2. Keep yourself always being armored. Armored guys won't get sudden death, but armor must be damaged and then unusable.

3. Stay away from battlefield that full of shots.

4. Some shots / attacks can directly hit your head then you're wasted!! It's better to stay away.

5. Don't attack gang members! They will shoot you with an Uzi.

6. If your health is low, use the cheat L L R B B A A R. Your health will refilled.

7. Avoid fires. Fires will burn you to death. To get out from fires, press Y to roll.

8. Don't throw projectiles for too near distance. You will hurt yourself.

9. Don't misfire a RPG. (misfire = a wrong way to use a dangerous weapon so the blast can kill the shooter)

10. Don't damage your vehicle more often! It just ruin the vehicle! Well, if you crash the gasoline station, your car will burn then explode? It is permanent! Heavy-damaged vehicles must be put on a 'giant rubbish'.