Busted will cause many risks to yourself. You will lose your weapons and body armor, lose $100, and lose the drugs you are currently carrying. A very big loss!!! Here's a way to avoid:


1. If you have an Action Replay, use the cheat 'No Wanted Level' that causes the wanted level doesn't appear as long as you use this cheat. You won't be busted.

2. If you have a Wanted Level, especially after your drug deal was raided, press these buttons in order: (DS) R X X Y Y R L L. It only decrease your wanted level by one time each time you use it, so continue until your wanted level become zero.

3. If a police is trying to knockout you from the car/bike/boat/helicopter, kill the police. I have been made this proverb "Eliminate the police, not the criminals." Your wanted level may be increase each time you do this.

4. Generally, avoid a wanted level, if only one star. Avoiding a wanted level will minimize your risk from being busted.

5. Using the cheat 'No Wanted Level' after you've cleared the standard mission will be very useful. You only drug dealing without being hindered by the cops. You can do anything in the city without being hindered by the cops. Being unhindered by them is so fun, because it's your indenpendent to become an ultimate criminal.