I would to chase Wu Lee from the Desalinization Plant

But he is running through the jet stream and I cannot chase him

He is running to the residence, he become angry

And I kill him with sword, he's there, he's there, yes there!


Wade Heston was a detective from FIB

He can become my friend, can be my enemy too

IAD and FIB were very nasty to me

I conquered the police, I bombed, I have bombed, haven't I?

Back to Reff then repeat the Reff


Salt In The Wound, Salt In The Wound

I want to eat all of the salt

It is tasty and salty if with the blood, the blood!

Salt In The Wound, Salt In The Wound

This was my ultimate gangster life

Kenny, Chan, Zhou all was killed, who left? It's me, It's me!

Salt In The Wound

Sing this song as you sing Monster Galaxy theme song