• DiceRoll125

    GTA Online Series

    June 10, 2014 by DiceRoll125

    I didn't know how to explain this, so the title may be a tad bit misleading but the gist of this is the fact that a few roleplaying type GTA Online videos  have been poping up recently with the trend being started by Kasanntv and RNG Nation (youtubers, check them out and you'll understand what i'm talking about a bit better) I honestly love these series but their really isn't enough people doing it (right at least) so of course this about taking action to better my entertainment.

    And by that, I mean that I want to make a community based around these GTA RP series which talks about,writes about, and if everything goes well encourages other people to make these RP series.

    Why does this blog exist? well I need help with this of course where and …

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