Yes, I know these are only rumours - and rumours are mostly fake. And IlianXD and other admins, I know I kind of added many rumors on blog posts, but I can't find anything else to edit on this wiki. You should tell me about stubs; pages that I could fix. Anyway look at this photo and check the Youtube link:

Packie leaving LC


It's an airplane that take off at the end of TBoGT's credits. Packie's in it. There were some speculations that Packie will appear in GTA V. Some said that he's only... in a vacation. But has anyone observed the V at the end of the track? That freaked me out. The image is blurry but you can easily see a similarity. A major one if I can say so.


Packie leaving LC

There are even more rumours. Some casting leak said that some Irish person and his cousin are in GTA V. His name was McReary. I don't know if it's true, it might be a coincidence that the cast rumour is about Packie too.


There are some problems. It is said that the IV Era ended. And that Claude can't exist in GTA IV for example, because of the different eras.


Since the start I had some doubts about this. What would be different between GTA IV and GTA V? GTA IV - aka HD Era. What would be better than HD? I think those 2 games are from the same era. But it's just a speculation. We can never be sure... We'll just have to wait for GTA V to be released