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Dodo8 May 5, 2013 User blog:Dodo8
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Hi all. Since this month I have some examns at school, I thought of creating a semi-activity template:

     Important: Due to -reason-, I might not be fully active during this month.
TransparentTransparentTransparentYou may contact another staff member.

The following code produces the fake infobox shown upside:


Project on the Staff page

Also, if the Staff agrees, we might make the staff page look like this:

Boomer8-StaffAvatar Cloudkit01-StaffAvatar Dodo8-StaffAvatar
Boomer8 Cloudkit01 Dodo8


Istalo-StaffAvatar Sasquatch101-StaffAvatar Thomas0802-StaffAvatar Tony-4-28-1998-StaffAvatar
Istalo Sasquatch101 Thomas0802 Tony 1998

Share your thoughts!

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