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Should I buy GTA: EFLC or wait for V?

Dodo8 September 11, 2012 User blog:Dodo8

Hello! I already finished the original GTA IV for the 2nd time today. It's not a genuine version though. I was thinking of buying Episodes from Liberty City (TBOGT and TLAD). The only pirated version I found on web is full of viruses.

So I was thinking to buy it. I can't find it in any store in my town. We don't have game stores here in Romania. So I'm going to order it. I found it on the web and costs about 40$.

So here's the problem. Dad says he will only buy me GTA V when it will come out. So if I want EFLC I need to pay it myself lol :P.

Do you think is worth? I really wish to fly with the Buzzard, the Swift and Skylift. And play as Luis Fernando Lopez.

Should I wait for GTA V or purchase EFLC until then? If V comes late 2013? I'll be super bored.


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