Hello! There's a rumour that the Xbox720 will appear at E3 this year, as some guy from Microsoft posted a countdown. Also, Rockstar is hiring programmers for next-gen consoles. Some think that GTA V will also appear on PS4 and Xbox720.


Until then I'm  thinking of asking for a console as my Birthday and/or Easter gift (Orthodox Easter is on May 5, my birthday is on May 10).

But I'm not sure what one is better:

PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

I heard that PS3 has better graphics, and it's quite "popular" for that. While the Xbox's multiplayer and in general looks funnier and better to me, I also supporting Microsoft since it created the Windows. I actually have a broken Xbox in my dad's room, he got it from a friend after the friend bought a PS3. But it's broken and dirty, since it was used by his kids.

So I'm kind of neutral, if I ask dad for a Xbox he'd probably say something like we already have one, I can fix it.

Afterall, I don't even know if I really want a console because of a few main reasons:

1. GRAPHICS - but isn't that important right now, since I only want to play GTA V
3. GTA V may or may not arrive quickly for PC
4. DAD WANTS TO CHANGE THE PROCCESSOR OF THE PC AGAIN - I'm quite surpised, we changed it a few months ago and it's still High Tech.

So, what do you think, is it worth spending money on a console knowing that a better one would arrive after a few months?