• Dudebot121256

    The Games Name Should Be Grand Theft Auto 5 And you play as Brian Verter Who lives in Liberty City.His father passed away and he got 15 million out of it.He is now gonna Go to Las Venturas to Double it.He plays but loses it all to Wu Zi Mu,The owner.Brian runs away from Las Venturas And to Los Santos Where He meets Toni Cipriani.Toni Offers to help him And Introduces him to CJ.Appearently Wu Zi Mu Killed CJ's Brother Sweet And CJ has been trying for years to kill Woozie.CJ is gonna phone his friend Madd Dogg But madd dogg tells CJ that Their mansion was Ambushed And Ken,Kent Paul and Maccer were killed.Madd Dogg,CJ,Toni and Brian Are gonna go To San Fierro To hide.They meet up with Cesar and Kendl To Run Away And There thet meet the new ki…

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