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Chronicles of The Lost - Brothers for life, Lost forever (A Fan-fiction by Enigma24)

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Three Families

What would a Grand Theft Auto fan-fiction be without those mafioso types we all know and love. That's right, the Italian Mafia is to have a side role in Chronicles of The Lost. The Comission has crumbled and the slight stability that it offered is gone. Without a means to ease tensions via sit-downs and meetings the mafia families of Liberty City turned on each other in a fight for power and territory. When the dust cleared the mafia pecking order was forever changed and firm territories stamped out. With The Comission gone it is now a matter of size, influence and power. The biggest player rules the roost. At the top of the food-chain is the Lupisella Family who have absorbed the weakening Messina Family and claimed their rackets. Next is the Gambetti Family, a close rival for power, after the events of GTA IV and its episodes the Gambetti Family absorbed the defunct Pegorino Family. Last but not least is the Pavano Family who took over the remnants of the Ancelotti Family and expanded their influence in Alderney City. So the current mafia ranking stands as thus;

  • Lupisella Family - Centered in Boulevard, Bohan. 
  • Gambetti Family - Centered in Meadow Hills, Broker.
  • Pavano Family - Centered in Castle Garden City, Algonquin.

In a power play Arthur Zepulla has taken over the Pavano Family and installed himself as Don. Everybody's favourite mafioso maniac Rocco Pelosi makes a return, this time in a position of power as a Caporegime for the Pavano Family and its new Don. Roy Zito has taken over as the new Don of the Gambetti Family and Vincent Lupisella has resumed leadership of the Lupisella Family for lack of a suitable successor. 

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