Chronicles of The Lost - Brothers for life, Lost forever A fan-fiction by Engima24

This fan-fiction begins in the aftermath of The Lost and Damned. The Alderney City chapter of The Lost MC is in tatters, Johnny and Clay have taken the fall for the club and are now serving life sentences in Alderney State Correctional Facility. Angus Martin has gone off the radar, not a peep has been heard from him in over a month. The shattered remains of the chapter fall to Terry who unable to give up on his club and the outlaw lifestyle immediately plans a comeback. With Johnny's blessing Terry takes the reigns as President and puts his plans in motion by patching over the five member strong Gunthugs MC.

Terry's ambitions for The Lost soon make themselves known. The new chapter President sanctions a redo of the club patch to turn it into a three-piece patch with a territory rocker and immediately makes moves to secure a new Club House. But his club is not out of danger yet, the chapter in Broker is on a collison course the Angels of Death and some very serious individuals begin circling Terry's infant chapter. Will he have what it takes to unite his club and revive The Lost MC? Watch as his story unfolds.

"The Almighty forgives, The Lost don't"