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State of Alderney - Now is your time to shine!

Well I guess you could call my blog a writer's journal of sorts. Just a place where I jot down a few bits and pieces that I will be bringing into my fan-fiction as I go. I hope it will give anyone who stumbles upon my page a little glimpse into the next chapter in the history of The Lost MC, my fan-fiction - Chronicles of The Lost: Brothers for life, Lost forever. Hell, if any of you like it enought I might even put it up wherever fan-fiction stories go.

Well without further ado, the main purpose of this post. The setting where my fan-fiction is set, the stage if you will. The state of Alderney! The neighbouring state of Liberty and Liberty City will make appearances but very much on a lesser level, the most attention will go to Alderney.

State of Alderney

Well, I will be greatly expanded the state of Alderney to go where Rockstar didn't. It will become much larger to parallel the true size of it's real-life equivalent, New Jersey. I will be bringing in more towns and cities, to parallel real-life towns and cities in New Jersey. The first two to appear will be; Reechton and Willowbank based on small towns in New Jersey. Later on The Lost MC will be expanding in Alderney, the state will become a The Lost MC state!

You didn't think I was going to let Billy get the last laugh did you?

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