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Realistic features on GTA IV

So I've noticed on GTA IV that you change from high beam to low beam by holding X on the 360. Like seriously, whats the purpose of that? I mean they shouldve added turn signals too by when your sitting still when driving, just press left or Right on the analog stick like on Driver on PC. I mean it doesnt really matter, just food for thought. And also to make it more realistic, Rockstar shouldve added airbags when you crash. Ive noticed that id you crash into another car at high speeds, the driver and passingers in the other car dies and somtimes the car with the dead driver all of a sudden drives away like his foot is suck on the pedels. I mean you can wear a helmet when your driving a bike, then they shouldve added airbags. These are some great ideas realistic features for GTA V. I know its pointless but hey it would be interesting.

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