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    Hello everybody it's September 29th and I'm getting ready to write my first chapter to the new series "Bad Problems, Worse Friends" Now let me go through the overview of this story first. This story takes place in two of the settings  in the Grand Theft Auto series. Liberty City (GTA IV)  and San Andreas (San Andreas and GTA V). The main characters name is Jon Garrison he is a cauacausian male about forty-three (43 - 46 yrs) years old. He is divorced to his cheating wife Olivia Garrison (40 - 43 yrs) and has lost contact with his young daughter Tara Garrison (11 yrs - 13 yrs). Jon's family broke apart when he got mixed up with the Chinese Mob of Liberty City. He moved to Los Santos in 2010 and is currentlly living there in wittness protection h…

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