what rockstar should do is make the next gta alot better then gta 4. gta 4 is a great game and i cant stop playing it. the next gta game should have children, schools that have a schedule, people going to work/school/whereever from there homes, all the doors u can open or bust in including the windows, have building get destoryed and then have constuction working on repairing that building, planes/tanks/ships you can drive, have more costumes to wear, car shops u can go in and mod your vehicle, everytime your being chased by the cops a newscopter or car will tag along to report the chase, animals that you can interact with, when you have a safehouse you can mod your safehouse to be what u want it. the next gta game i think needs to go to either vice city or san andreas because alot of talk in gta 4 and the episodes of liberty city are about those places. i say about the cars that they need more vehicles and that when the cars r in traffic no car should be alike that they all need to be different but u can have a couple of the same cars but it has to be a rare thing to accure, there should be more sub-missions and alot more of "choosing your own destiny" kind of missions. i think thats good for now that rockstar can work with. i have alot more stuff i want to put but i dont want them to get a headach. this is what i want the next gta to have and be.