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Random Car Crashes in GTA V

DSC 0680

Random car crashes

Well this is one heck another mystery that there are random car crashes seen around San Andreas, some of them came out of nowhere!

I saw only 2 crashes: the first one was from Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, I was doing a taxi cab when a man screamed and his car was blowed and dropped in front of us. Proof: I wonder where the car came from as if there's no other road in the mountain.

Then the second one is on the left, recently I'd saved a car on Trevor's garage, just before I leave the area to find scrap letters and spaceship parts but then I heard a loud blast behind me! Didn't take a pic on Snapmatic because I didn't enable the internet settings on my PS3.

Have you ever seen some random crashes around SA like those pics?

Share yours if you caught one!