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  • GenkiGat

    GTA V and its shenanigans

    January 25, 2017 by GenkiGat

    Well basically, this game shares a thing in common with the Tv series "The Simpsons". While at the same time does a super exagerated satire of real life and society, at the same time it mirrors it in some ways. People go out less and less. People are more into videogames than real world. People just want to get high, have sex and eat a shit ton of junk food; sometimes all 3 at once. It makes one think about how this generation is really fucked up, and seems like it's nowhere near any short, nor long-term recovery. People blame the babyboomers, others blame the Generation X. I blame on the ones who are really to blame: Milennials and the upcoming Generation Z, the "can't do anything without my phone" generation.

    Self-centered, borderline arr…

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