Well basically, this game shares a thing in common with the Tv series "The Simpsons". While at the same time does a super exagerated satire of real life and society, at the same time it mirrors it in some ways. People go out less and less. People are more into videogames than real world. People just want to get high, have sex and eat a shit ton of junk food; sometimes all 3 at once. It makes one think about how this generation is really fucked up, and seems like it's nowhere near any short, nor long-term recovery. People blame the babyboomers, others blame the Generation X. I blame on the ones who are really to blame: Milennials and the upcoming Generation Z, the "can't do anything without my phone" generation.

Self-centered, borderline arrogant-narcisist and anti-social behaviour, and a tendency not to work hard, at all. They think working 3-4 hours per week is long enough, and anymore than that deserves a lawsuit. They also seem to appear unable to function without the use of technology, name it internet, social media, virtual encyplopedias (wikipedia and others), and more. This society is very characterized for one particular strong point, but not necessarily a good one. Their tendency to not care at all about anything. With cliche phrases like "whatever", "chill", "loser", they just reinforce my loss of faith overall. Also, their inability to spend a single day without stereotyping something, or making an unnecessary reference to the male or female genitalia doesn't help the case.

I did not ask to come to this world. Who would? It's filled with a lot of shit. War, crime, murder, polution, poison, radiation, corruption, insecutiry, injustice, and I could go on all day long. Honestly only a few good things barely even make it worth the staying. This is a jungle, and only the adaptables will be able to make, not the strongest.

Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and then the worst, seudo-shrinks who think all problems of people are derived from mommy and daddy. While it is certainly true in some scenarios, it is not always the case. There is good, and there is evil. It is our actions that define us, not our words or thoughts. Words are only means to communicate to others. Thoughts are a visualization of what we want to do, what we think, what we reason, deduct, infer, and then decide if taking them from fantasy to reality.

What is the solution? Problems are not meant to exist perpetually, right? Well, I'd say that, not getting high every single day would be a nice start, and starting to take responsability for your actions is also another great way to keep improving our dying world. But lets face it, we can only do chemo. If we really want to help this world, mankind has to disappear. For good.

But no one wants to die. As long as anything else but them dies, they are ok with that. People will do anything to prevent their inevitable fate. Betrayal, scapegoating, snitching, bribing, extorting, threatening...

If that's the case, it appears that our world is doomed. So, what is left? While breathing can be fun, it gets old after some time. GTA V is a good way to spend that time. And maybe attempt to replicate some of the aspects of the game, like actually going out, hang out with friends, go to a flight school, sky-diving. Not only BAWSAQ is fun, the real life stock market (NASDAQ) is also fun. Just made 20$ 3 days ago.

The whole point of this blog? None. Unless it made you think a bit more beyond the "whatevs, TL;DR, I h8 walltexts, FU asshole, you hypocrite milennial critizicing milennials", then at least we did something good.