DLC 1: Counterculture DLC Since the remnants of counterculture flourish in Los Santos, it would be great to have a DLC pack for it. The DLC would mainly be a Comtent Pack. Some counterculture groups that would be good to include in such a pack would be: Outlaw Bikers, Jugalos, Hippie, Greaser, Metalhead, Grunge, Skinhead (Not Nazi), Emo/Goth, and Punk. Some Content for the Outlaw Bikers could be: A Lupara (Double Barrel Sawn Off), A few new bikes (Bring in some new choppers or return the Hellfury, Zombie, or Wolfsbane), some new clothing items: The long awaited biker vest, Jeans with a chain, Wermacht style helmets, and some new shades, Some customization options like a Gerry type beard, Grown out hair, and some biker themed tattoos (Maybe even having your patch as a back Tatoo like with Jax Teller). If possible, atleast 2 new Gangs could be added: Angels of Death and Uptown Riders along with some other new MCs (Vagos and/or Mongols clone). For the Jugalos there could be Fatal Incursion shirts and other clothing, Face paint options similar to the look of Wade and the Jugalos seen in freemode, and even a Warhammer or Axe for fun. Something for hippies could be: Hippie tops (sweaters like that of Lebowski, or just ragged hippie vests), T-shirts with tye dye; Peace signs; or related hippie paraphernalia, Hippie hair and tattoos, or A new hippie van and/or paint job. Something for Greasers would be Denim Jackets, 50s Leather Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Bowling shirts, A greased back hair style, and 1 or 2 hot rods to top it off. Some Metalhead content could be: New Crazy hair styles, Jackets with Patches all over, Fictional Band T-Shirts, Steel toed boots, A nail gun, and a switchblade. Some grunge content could be: Faded Tops and bottoms, Ripped jeans of varying degrees, Flannel over shirts, Leather bracelets, High Tops, The ability to bleach hair, and heavy eyeliner. Some Skinhead content is: Bald haircut, Suspenders, Windbreakers, Bowling shoes, army boots, flight jackets, and a new set of tattoos.