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  • GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR)

    Since i hated it to kill Zhou Ming and Chan Jaoming i decided to make a optional Mission, which you either can choose this or the Option where you have to play Hit from the Tong and Clear the Pier the option names are:

    Takedown (It will give you the ability to play Hit from the Tong and Clear the Pier)

    Track (It will you give the ability to play this mission)

    When you choose this option, at Salt In The Wound then Huang, Heston, Zhou and Chan will work together to kill Kenny.

    [Zhou and Chan are walking to Huang before the cutscene appears which Chan's Theme Plays]

    "Working together to kill me huh? Too bad! I found you guys in the FIB files!" says Huang with a angry face

    "What the fuck you are talking about? We were here because your uncle framed …

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