Since i hated it to kill Zhou Ming and Chan Jaoming i decided to make a optional Mission, which you either can choose this or the Option where you have to play Hit from the Tong and Clear the Pier the option names are:

Takedown (It will give you the ability to play Hit from the Tong and Clear the Pier)

Track (It will you give the ability to play this mission)

When you choose this option, at Salt In The Wound then Huang, Heston, Zhou and Chan will work together to kill Kenny.

Cutscenes and Objectives

[Zhou and Chan are walking to Huang before the cutscene appears which Chan's Theme Plays]

"Working together to kill me huh? Too bad! I found you guys in the FIB files!" says Huang with a angry face

"What the fuck you are talking about? We were here because your uncle framed us so he can be the Triad boss!" says Zhou in a Huh Face.

"I agree with Zhou! We don't need to be the Triad boss anymore! Your uncle is a bad guy!" says Chan with a annoyed face

"But, why would my uncle do something like that?" says Huang with a worried face

"Your uncle MUST be clipped! But not right now! You need to find out that your uncle is a bad guy!" says Chan with a angry face!

[Huang, Zhou and Chan moves away from Chan's penthouse]

Objective: Search for Places owned by Kenny

Line of Zhou when you failed to search one of these: "I don't see his car"

[When you found the last place, but neither Kenny is there]

[Cutscene appears with no theme]

"Neither Uncle here guys" Wonders Huang

[Two mens with Brown Hair and Suit shows up]

Kenny's Men on The Left: Hey! This is Kenny's Property!

Zhou: We are about to find Kenny!

Kenny's Men on The Right: We'll, Noh doesn't approve us to do it, so time to die

Huang: Who is Noh?

Zhou: The guy who always says No! You know?

Kenny's Men on The Left: Last chance buddies!

Chan: Leave us alone IMMEDIATELY! [Kills the left one with a MP5]

Huang: Shit! More members incoming!

Objective: Eliminate Kenny's Men

[After The Objective camera is seen on Noh who is running to his blue Turismo]

Objective: Take down Noh

[Cutscene appears with Huang, Zhou and Chan walking to Noh]

"This is bullshit! There is no such things as 'fed rats'!" says Huang to Noh with a angry face

"No... I mean... Yes... You're right, but i want to tell you who the sword has" says Noh lying on ground about to die

"Who has the sword?" asks Zhou with a angry face to Noh

"The guy who the sword has is K..." says Noh about to die

[Noh dies]

"I told you Huang!" says Chan

"Maybe someone else who's name starts with K" says Huang

"Alright Huang! Get yourself some proof! We are going to meet up with Heston, and i know YOU destroyed my boat" says Zhou

"SHIT!" says Huang shocked

"Don't worry, my boat has a insurance" says Zhou with a Neutral Face

"But first, me and Zhou are going for a drink" says Chan

[Zhou and Chan walks up to Chan's car and driving away]

Mission Passed $500