• GtaManiac101

    As the title suggests this blog is about what people want and don't want in GTA V.

    In this blog I will express my own ideas of which I think would make the next GTA a great game to experience and what would make the game frustrating or boring.

    For easy reading I will split up my ideas into sections (clothing, weapons etc)


    For starters my first view will be about the setting.

    An idea for a setting in GTA V is the map to be a mixture of all 3 cities; Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. I think this idea would be great as it would be an ultimate combo of the 3 settings over the GTA era. Although as great as that idea may sound, there is a slight downfall:

    • The cities would possibly have to be scaled down due to the fact of having all 3 i…

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