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GTA V; wants and not-wanted.

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Hey fellow GtaWiki bloggers!

As the title suggests this blog is about what people want and don't want in GTA V.

In this blog I will express my own ideas of which I think would make the next GTA a great game to experience and what would make the game frustrating or boring.

For easy reading I will split up my ideas into sections (clothing, weapons etc)



For starters my first view will be about the setting.

An idea for a setting in GTA V is the map to be a mixture of all 3 cities; Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. I think this idea would be great as it would be an ultimate combo of the 3 settings over the GTA era. Although as great as that idea may sound, there is a slight downfall:

  • The cities would possibly have to be scaled down due to the fact of having all 3 in one game on one disk. Don't get me wrong, the attention to detail that Rockstar put into GTA IV's version of Liberty City was beautiful, but reproducing that amount of detail for all 3 cities including San Andreas, which in my opinion counts as another 3 cities (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas), would take alot of time an effort which may end up in the developers scaling down the detail to save time etc.

Other ideas for the next GTA setting are in European countries such as: England, France, Germany or Asian countries such as China, Japan and Bejing.

These ideas could work, it would be a cool idea to have a GTA based in another country other than the U.S, but again there are downfalls:

    • Note, some people may find the first bullet point offencive so I am sorry for any offence given**
  • If GTA V were to be based in Bejing then I personally think they'd have to re-name GTA to GTB (Grand Theft Bicycle) Seeing as there is (apparently) 9,000,000 bicycles in Bejing, the game play would be boring and the 'Theft Auto' legacy would be ruined.
  • If it were to be based in the United Kingdom I fear that it would just turn into a cockney, English, piss-take.


For this section I will put forward my ideas about the storyline, not so much the actual plot but more of the mission styles and choises.

I think the missions in GTA V should have more freedom in the way they are carried out. The protagonist should have more choice in how to do the mission and on certain missions (not needed for 100%) he/she should have the choice to say no.


GTA V should have at least more detailed and more realistic weapons. For example if Rockstar decides to bring back the M4 then they should make it sound more like an M4... The poor excuse for a machine gun sound effect which was used in GTA 4 sounded like some one had sped up a recording of someone tapping some tin-foil.

Another option which I think would be great for weapons is the ability to add attatchments to guns such as a grenade launcher to the M4 or a silencer to a 9mm etc. Another more realistic way to carry around weapons is to have them stored in the boot of your car as well as 'in your pocket'.


As you all know GTA wouldn't be GTA without its famous pass-times such as vigilantie, ambulance, fire fighter, taxi missions. As well as in game video games, more recently being able to drink/get drunk, in a bar. Gambling, being a delivery boy etc etc.

It would be nice to see more pass-times such as... painting? Playing an instument? Smoking?


Short and simple... BRING BACK CLOTHING LIKE GTA SAN ANDREAS PLEASE ROCKSTAR!!!!! More character customization and bring back barbers, tatoos.


In GTA V there should be a more wider range of vehicles. Again, much like in San Andreas. Although possible extras include: skateboard, rollerblades, shopping trolly (for fun) etc.

Also you should be able to fully customize cars, motorbikes, bicycles.


There should be a little more realism in the next GTA. For example, if you shot a building with a RPG part or most of the building would get destroyed and the building would get either rebuilt or demolished over time.

Home customization. Being able to buy furniture like in Sims.

Be able to hide in alleyways or buildings to evade a low wanted level and be able to hide/dump the bodies of your victims.

The Protagonist

Last but not least is the ever so important prtagonist. In GTA V the main character has to be a very like-able person, the kind of person you enjoy playing as. I personally think that Tommy Vercetti was the best main character out of GTA III - IV.

Examples of bad protagonists:

  • Claude. He's a mute and I think he has no charrisma.
  • Luis Lopez. No sence of humour. No, well, anything really.

Well thanks for reading my blog and I hope I didn't waste your time :-)

And please comment to express your view.

Thanks again,

GtaManiac 02:34, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

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