aka Apostolos

  • I live in Corfu,Greece
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Guzuzu

    In Facebook you can answer four questions about GTA.If I am correct they are;Which is your favourite GTA,What do you like from GTA,Which is your favourite weapon,Which means of transport do you use.Then it shows you which character you are.

    Sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes.

    You can comment which one are you.

    I am Dimitri Rascalov

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  • Guzuzu

    Best 15 cars in VCS

    October 19, 2012 by Guzuzu

    15.Manana.Not that fast but it's ok and it has got good handling.

    14.Admiral.It is only good for the Vance Crime Family.

    13.Sandking.It is quite fast.

    12.Esperanto.The fastest car in first island in LCS.Here not that fast.

    11.Sabre.A fast looking car.Disappointing results.

    10.Sentinel XS.The fastest sedan in almost all GTA series

    9.Ambulance.Fast.With the advantage of its sirens.

    8.Stinger.Very fast car without great handling.

    7.Voodoo.It is very good but it's rare.

    6.Comet.Very old looking car.However,it is quite fast in the city.It has got great speed and handling.

    5.Deluxo.Small looking.Although,it has got the greatest accelaration.

    4.Infernus.The car with the greatest top speed.

    3.Phoenix.Very fast.You can see it very often in the streets.


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