15.Manana.Not that fast but it's ok and it has got good handling.

14.Admiral.It is only good for the Vance Crime Family.

13.Sandking.It is quite fast.

12.Esperanto.The fastest car in first island in LCS.Here not that fast.

11.Sabre.A fast looking car.Disappointing results.

10.Sentinel XS.The fastest sedan in almost all GTA series

9.Ambulance.Fast.With the advantage of its sirens.

8.Stinger.Very fast car without great handling.

7.Voodoo.It is very good but it's rare.

6.Comet.Very old looking car.However,it is quite fast in the city.It has got great speed and handling.

5.Deluxo.Small looking.Although,it has got the greatest accelaration.

4.Infernus.The car with the greatest top speed.

3.Phoenix.Very fast.You can see it very often in the streets.

2.Banshee.Just very fast with a better top speed than stinger.[banshee and stinger are quite same in the appearence but not in speed].

1.Cheetah.It is very fast.It has got great handling and a catchy name.