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  • I live in Calgary, AB, Ca
  • My occupation is Party Facilitator, PC customizer
  • I am GQ
  • Hoffscore

    Coming a little late to the game, I have spent the last two weeks trying this out:

    GTA 3 V1.1 for PC

    After Finishing all of Joey Leone missions, all but the last Luigi Goterelli missions, Marty Chonks missions, I had to cheat to finish Taking Out The Laundry , Bomb Da Base Act II , before I could get to finish any of Salvatore Leone missions. 

    By then 5 tanks were stuck in my map, one in the water refusing to die... Moved them east of save base.

    I had up to 4 star warrant and taken out 3 helicopters, 4 police buss's and a plethora of local cops. Two Local gangs (Liberty City Triads & Diablos) make it difficult to even drive around without guns blazing. (Though I've taken out more than my fair share of them both) 

    My first impression is "Carmageā€¦

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