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Funny Memes for GTA!

Hello there, boys and girls, and whatever the fuck you are...

Today I've decided to take a break from my serious, dry, admin attitude (Everyone: Where you ever serious?) and make something funny for the wiki.

So yeah, as the blog heading says, here we simply stop editing and start making funny memes about GTA and related subjects.

"What's a meme?" Go read Wikipeda, you mindless Moe zombies! Basically either create a funny picture of a popular and sometimes overused pic, a gif, or a funny GTA quote.

So, I'll stop talking writing and just post my *cough* masterpiece *cough* right now:


"Why are you doing this?"

Just something nice for the wiki.

"Cool, I'm in! What are the rules?"

Just don't be rude for others or make offensive images/comments.

"What the prize?"

Just the enjoyment of us all!

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