The day has come and first reviews are arrving to tell one thing: GTA V is probably the greatest game in history.


  • IGN's Keza gave the game a 10, saying "No other world in video games comes close to this in size or scope, and there is sharp intelligence behind its sense of humour and gift for mayhem."
  • Edge is very pleased with another 10, saying "No one makes worlds like Rockstar, but at last it has produced one without compromise. Everything works. It has mechanics good enough to anchor games of their own, and a story that is not only what GTA has always wanted to tell but also fits the way people have always played it. It’s a remarkable achievement, a peerless marriage of world design, storytelling and mechanics that pushes these ageing consoles to the limit and makes it all look easy."
  • PS official magazine also gave 10, and so does the Xbox magazine.
  • PlayStation LifeStyle, another 10.
  • VideoGamer also gave 10, saying "Unless you play it for yourself, it's near impossible to grasp how big GTA 5 is. It's not just the world. It's the gargantuan story, the sheer amount of missions and the variety introduced with them, the activities to take part in, or the secrets waiting to be unveiled. It's a highlight of the generation."
  • Many Eurogamer sections gave it 10s.
  • GamesRadar gives a perfect 5/5.


  • A very shocking thing, GameSpot and the English Eurogamer both gave it "only" a 9/10, with the later calling it the best game ever, despite the fact it gave IV a 10, while the former says this game is an asshole to women.
  • GameInformer gives a well respected 9.75/10.
  • Destructoid gave a 9/10.
  • Joystiq gave a 4.5/5 (9/10).


HAHAHAHA. Good joke! :D


  • Xbox 360: 98/100 (fuck you, Escapist)
  • PS3: 97/100


Both versions have 96/100+

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