Ahhh, 2013 - what an a year was that! So many things happened in those bloody 360+ days; North Korea has finally revealed its hatred towards the US after this highly secretive information was known to basically everyone; Attack on Titan showed us that animated Japanese serieses can still cause hype among the Westren world; Morgan Freeman Nelson Mandela, one of the most beloved guys of the 20th Century, has passed away, and so is Michael 47 (aka Kalashnikov), the brilliant dude who created the gun that cause so much chaos 'round the world for the last 60 years; and we finally got the answer for the most important question that no one gave a fuck to!: 'What does the Fox say?' ...but this fuckin' song is so damn annoying, that I couldn't finish it... -_-

But the most important thing is that we finally began the eighth console generation! For the next decade we will fight over which super-mega expensive black box is better! Oh yeah, motherfucker, THIS IS WAR!

Anyway, apart from that ^, 2013 saw the release of several notable titles; Devil May Cry and Tomb Rider were rebooted with new, younger versoins of themselves; Aliens Colonial Marines proved me once again that films based on games/games based on films have 90% to be crap; Crysis 3 proved me that most people still believe that graphics>gameplay&story (>.<); the Metal Gear series entered into the hack&slash genre thanks to Platinum Games and their product, MG Rising (which was mostly successful); new God of War and Gears of War games were released, but they basically fuckin' useless! (prequels...); Pokemon has finally entered into the 3D area, a decade and half after EVERYONE, congrats!!!!; Bioshock Infinite showed everyone and their over-priced limited edition COD/BF copies that a FPS can serve us with a good story; once again wewitnessed the demise of another horror franchise due to including more 'action' with Dead Space 3! Which was a rather solid title, but not near the level of DS2; And we had that crap called SimCity, continuing to help EA to win the title of the 'Worst Company in US' for the third time!; Metro Last Light reached the line of fully rendered, naked women (and that guy is probably still thanking me for introducing him the game :P); The Last of Us was one of themost hyped(!) titles of 2013, hype which it (mostly) deserves; SC Blacklist brought back the spy Sam Fisher, America's finest, to sneak upon and kill innocent guards just doing their jobs; Beyond Two Souls makes me wanting to slap Ellen Page (or Paige, I dunno) in the face; we got GTA V and AC4, as well as SRIV, all to expend our open-world gameplay doses; and once again Call of Duty and Battlefield clashed in an epic climatic confrontation that nobody cared about!

So, after telling all the important things this years, time for you to know which five games I will remember from 2013. Let teh listing begin!!!!

Numbah 5: 'Cut at Will!'

Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance (something like that...)
Personal score: 9.0/10

Kicking off our list is Metal Gear Rising, the bastard child of Kojima Production and Platinum Games that proved, atleast to me, that Raiden is no longer a pussy!; he's now a badass cyobrg ninja who works... as... a.. BODYGUARD! Yeah, not the coolset thing...

Okay, to make it short, Rising fails to tell deep, emotional stories that the series is known for, but, well, this is what happens when you let PG to write down the script; the same guys who created a long-limbed witch that can control her hair in the same flexible as Chuck Norris does with his beard. But FUCK THAT: Rising features a sadistic cut-and-take gameplay whose enjoyment is second to few!

'cos, let's face it: who wouldn't like to play as mad cyborg ninja with high-heels, jumping and running while slashing down mad evil robots?!

Numbah 4: 'You promise? - I promise'

The Last of Us
Personal score: 9.7/10

The Last of Us came out in surprise; I never imagined this horror-survival PS3 game will make me feel so... emotional. And that came from Naughty Dog! The guys who brought up the Uncharted series. In terms of story, TLOU is easily their best work so far, and probably the best story to be ever told in the gaming medium.

Unfortunely, the game does have its problems when it comes to gameplay, particularly the stealth and the friend/enemy AI, which are the things that stopped me from giving it a perfect score.

But, in conclusion, this game is unrivaled in terms of story and graphics,and I doubt we'll find a better story any time soon.

Numbah 3: 'Do you afraid of God?!'

Bioshock Infinite
Personal score: 9.7/10

Probably one of the best shooters of the generation and of all time, many wondered if Infinite will be better, or atleast reach, the standards of the original Bioshock; the end result: it crushed the original and bettered it in almost every possible way.

Infinite is a rarity among shooters; on the hand, its a fun and bloody video game with an engaging gameplay, while on the other hand, it is a very well-written story that never shames the original.

Not to mention dat art design and cute AI partner!

Numbah 2: 'Nothing is True'

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Personal score: 9.5/10

I had some doubts whether Ubi would be able to redeem the AC franchise after ACIII; don't get the wrong idea, III was a great game, but far from being a masterpiece. And then came IV, a game no one expected to be something outstanding, so I was ready to give it a go before finally picking it a day after release, and oh how wrong I was.

Black Flag, set prior to the events of AC3's historical story, follows a young pirate as he becomes involved the well known war between Assassins and Templars, losing his loved ones and coming in terms with himself in what I think to be one of Ubi's best stories.

Oh yeah, we also have naval gameplay to crush other ships. Oh, and we're playing as a pirate!

Numbah 1: 'Rightful King'

Grand Theft Auto V
Personal score: 10/10

Yeah, hmm, was there any doubt?

GTA V is the grand-daddy of this gaming generation, bigger and better than almost every other game to come out in this year, or during the whole generation.

Honsetly, I had worries that V would fail to meet the standards of its papa, GTA IV, but I guess V stands for Victory, 'cos GTA5 blasts its older family members to another universe, although I admit the game's story had some hard time reaching IV's standards.

Oh well, atleast it still has one of the best levels to start a game. Oh yeah, and we have Trevor; ya don' wanna mess up with 'tis mad dog.

And now I have to wait for GTA 6! For fuck's sake...

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