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New info from Russian Magazines - 26/05/13

Hi guys, today there is some more info to mouth water over.. Enjoy!

The details are from various Russian magazines on the 23/05/13;

  • Sometimes damages (like wounds, Injured by bullet) will leave scars on the bodies of the main characters.
  • In the beginning of the demo, we seen Franklin jump out of a plane with a parachute. Whilst in air, you will notice alot of interesting things.
  • A military base is hidden somewhere in the hills.
  • Wild animals pray on each other
  • Motocross track & hunting ground
  • Lots of NPC's walking on hiking on mountains, fishing by the river etc..
  • For the first time in the series, there is background music
  • The underwater world of Los Santos looks great, it's probably the most beautiful image of the sea in the games
  • Coloured fish swim among the rocks and sharks will swim near you
  • Some of the problems that associated with the low capacity of some platforms still exist, like the number of cars on the street.

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