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May 5, 2013
  • Instulent

    Newswire A&A 

    Enjoy! :)

    Exclusive Screenshot of Jimmy:

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  • Instulent

    Hey amigos, this screenshot of the Buzzard was found in a LA Noire promo. Ciao! :D

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  • Instulent

    Enjoy the video! 

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  • Instulent

    Hey guys, more info has come from Enjoy and don't forget to comment :D

    You no longer gather ammo just by passing over it. Now you have to press a button.

    · KWKR is the first confirmed radio. 

    · A HEALTH remix of a The xx song was played in said station.

    · Crews can schedule their missions though Rockstar Social Club.

    · Week days return and will affect gameplay.

    · Each radio will comment on the aftermath of the missions, like SA and VCS.

    · You can place a bike in the Bobcat. 

    · It's impossible to shoot friends.

    · Line of sight system works as perfectly as a stealth game.


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  • Instulent

    New Info! 07/06/13

    June 7, 2013 by Instulent

    Hey guys, even more info has come from Enjoy and don't forget to leave your thoughts n ting :)

    • FlyUS is back
    • There is a 'Butt Lovers' sign on the side of garbage trucks
    • Before Franklin jumped out from the plane, there could be heard a dynamic music, not a track from a radio staiton
    • When wanted level increases, the rhythm of dynamic music become stronger
    • You can hear dynamic music after leaving a car as well
    • While on action, protagonists are communicating and warning each other
    • Protagonist can die while we are controlling another, so we must take care of them
    • As before, when a protagonist dies, he is getting to the nearest hospital
    • We can share our photos on Social Club
    • The minimap is intelligent, and fits what we are doing. If we are on f…

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